Claire grew up in the small town of South Haven, MI right on Lake Michigan. At the age of 3 her parents put her in swim lessons and from there she started competitively swimming at age 7 all the way through high school. Her fitness journey dates back to 2011 after completing college and adjusting to an 8-5p desk job she realized quickly that she needed to make a lifestyle change in regards to her health. From that point on she worked on becoming a run with a goal of being able to complete a half marathon. Fast forward to 2014 and now completing a few 25K's she grew tired and needed a change. Through some friends she was introduced to Triathlon. That summer she completed her first and second sprint and immediately knew she wanted to go for a full Ironman. Within 14 months of completing her first triathlon she crossed the finish line at Ironman Louisville.Since then she has completed over 20 triathlons, predominately 70.3 and 3 full ironmans. Aside from triathlon Claire is also very passionate about functional fitness also commonly know as Crossfit . In 2016 she worked on strength training at a local box while juggling her triathlon season, she did this until 2018 where she completely took a step back to focus on strength where she was able to compete is local/state wide events. Here she was able to place 1st in a 2 person team event, and 2nd in an individual event. When 2018 came to close and triathlon training was fast approaching she decided she was ready to invest into her own space creating a gym space to accommodate her love for both Crossfit and triathlon and that is when MICHFIT Garage Gym was born.